I feel like I could write a book about how much I like spring. I would entitle it, My Love Affair With Spring, or Flowers Over Snow, or Hide the Jackets and Burn the Snow Boots. Just some ideas. I also love that energy spring gives you, that you have to be outside as much as possible to replenish your vitamin D. People are driving with their windows down. No one would dare complain about the heat yet and trees are white and pink and bright green. Mya loves being outside, she could run for hours and sit under a tree making up detailed stories about princesses and castles for hours. Last spring Ellie wasn’t walking so this year she is gaining a whole new perspective. We went on a walk through the forest today and I watched Ellie’s eyes sparkle as she gazed at the trees surrounding us. Isn’t that one of the most wonderful things our children give us, a fresh perspective? Seeing Ellie smell a flower for the first time. Watching Mya see a butterfly land on a leaf. As if we forgot that there once was a time when we didn’t know what a spring breeze felt like. When we sat in a field of green grass and wondered what it tasted like. When a caterpillar caught our eye and we laid on the ground to get a closer look. 






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