This week was full of therapy, which I actually enjoy as I get to brag about Ellie and show people how amazing she is. We had speech therapy, ocupational therapy, and our group physical therapy. Speech and OT were very impressed with how well Ellie is doing. Her speech is delayed, but not by much. She is using gestures and ways to express herself as well as trying different sounds. She has even started biting Mya when Mya takes a toy or ignores her. Although biting is horrible, it is a sign she is developing in the way typical kids do. Kids at this age tend to bite to express themselves. Seeing milestones differently as a special needs mom. Research has shown that people with Down Syndrome need visual aids to coincide with spoken words. When I ask Ellie if she wants her milk I also need to show her. In a month Ellie and I will be working regularly one on one with a speech therapist to work on picture books and other aids. The books with be catered to Ellie so she can put together words with pictures to aid her speech. 

Today we had group physical therapy. Ellie was moved to the walking group about a month ago. We have actually missed two weeks of group PT, so Ellie was extremely happy to be back. She hugged everyone in the class, including other parents. While I was setting down our stuff she ran to the carpet and sat down ready to start class with songs. She started clapping and dancing. Ellie loved the whole class, laughing the whole time.

I’ve grown really comfortable with this therapy world. I know the language now, I know what to write down and how to ask for help. The therapists have known Ellie since birth and she is starting to recognize them when they come over. At group I’m also excited to see my friends. I see how hard the kids work and I’m so proud of them. A little girl in class today learned how to jump, she was so happy she jumped for the entire class. One of the most important things that Ellie and Mya have taught me is to appreciate every single part of the process. A jump is more than 2 seconds in the air, a single step on the stairs is more than going upstairs. Being able to celebrate every step is what a joyful life is all about. 




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2 Responses to Therapy

  1. Melissa Deakins says:

    Your mom has shared Ellie’s progress with me. She is really doing so well a lot to your credit. Keep up the good work

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