Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, one day late. I was in a chocolate egg induced stupor last night so I couldn’t type a blog entry. Our Easter was wonderful, I love this holiday. The pastel colors, the chocolate, little girls in pretty dresses, the promise of warmer days, and chocolate (did I already say that). I actually think this is Mya’s favorite holiday. She adores the notion of a bunny sneaking into our house to hide eggs for her to find. A secret friend who is playing hide and seek without even meeting her. The girls wore bright pink dresses that made them look like tulips from the moment they woke up. Mya raced through the house screaming with excitement at every egg found and Ellie, new to Easter, meandered around with her basket. On holidays we can hold back our “no’s” a little bit, allowing candy for breakfast and barefoot running and late naps and later bedtimes, which feels nice. I like saying yes all day, even to myself as I ate chocolate on the couch with my girls at 9am. Happy Easter everyone, we may continue to hide our eggs all week and the girls may have to wear these pretty pink dresses all week as well, yes to that for sure. 







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One Response to Happy Easter!

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    Precious! Made me smile and laugh! Merci! Xo- VB

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