The big time 

Did I mention Ellie is walking!!!!! I haven’t devoted a post to this for a couple of reasons, for one when she was doing a few steps at a time I didn’t want to jinx it, and secondly, I was so amazed I didn’t know what to say. Physical strength is difficult for people with Down Syndrome. Low muscle tone is exactly what it sounds like, the muscles needed to walk and climb need a lot more time to build strength. There is so much involved in walking, things I never thought about till I saw Ellie try and try and try to follow her sister across our living room. But she fought. She fought and fought and fought. And there were two steps, then three, then she was walking across rooms, and now she is walking more than crawling. I am amazed and so very proud. When both my children were born, Mya with a club foot and Ellie with Down Syndrome, I automatically assumed walking would be significantly delayed. And both girls showed me stereotypes are so very limiting. They both walked before their 18 month birthdays and they both refused to let me hold their hand while they were learning. Today, when Travis arrived home from work, both of his girls ran across our driveway to give him a hug. Ellie fell a couple of times on the way and got right back up again, and Mya screamed as Travis held them tight, “Ellie is walking outside now, just like me!” 

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One Response to The big time 

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    Oh, my! Such a big girl! It is just thrilling to see Ellie developing so beautifully in every way. Keep up the good work, Ellie. We all love seeing your progress. Xo- VB

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