Random updates

I realize I haven’t typed out a post in a bit, the wonderful business of life has been getting in the way. School for Mya, play dates, speech class, routine doctors visits, group PT, occupational and physical therapy have been occupying our days. We had a routine blood draw for Ellie and the results were perfect. Our infant development worker came for a visit this morning and was so amazed with Ellie’s progress. We saw her less than a month ago but in that time Ellie has somehow become more like a toddler than a baby. She is standing and pushing anything she can find around the house. She waves, she claps, she raises her arms in the air and laughs when I say “horray.” She is discovering the world around her and I see the glow of curiosity radiating from her eyes. When we teach her things she watches, she takes it all in, and even in the slightest way, tries all on her own. Her favorite toy is a singing Elmo. She hugs him and kisses him, puts hats on his head and shoes on his feet (imaginary play is a big developmental step). I am working on getting her to do more, to feed Elmo and put him to bed, brush his hair and sing him a song. She is self feeding and trying almost everything we give her. It’s funny looking at Ellie through the eyes of a mother but also as a mother who has been equipped with various therapy instruments. A breakfast of Cheerios is not the same for us. I watch her perfecting her pincher grasp and I cheer and shout things like, “perfect gross motor Ellie!” I smile when she finishes my smoothie while thinking, look at that muscle tone as she drinks from her straw! Her legs are getting stronger and I can picture her walking in the green grass come summer. We have our final speech class next week and I can see the techniques working. At this stage for Ellie songs are very important, ones she can participate in using actions. Hoping she can tell me which action comes next. Although current language thought is that sign language isn’t completely necessary, we are working on signs. I know she understands more than she can express right now and watching how quickly she picks up things I predict her doing very well with signs. It has never been that Ellie can’t learn or can’t do something, merely that things need to be approached differently. I am liking 2015 so far. Ready for spring (as usual) but trying hard to savor these wonderful days.





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