A Mya Rule

I haven’t done a rule in a while so here is a Mya Rule: believe it or not, we were born confident. Mya is enrolled in a musical theater class every Tuesday night, she loves it. I drop her off every week and secretly spy on her in the adjacent hallway. I watch her dance and sing, perform infront of other children with no fear or shyness at all. And over these classes I have watched her be in total adoration and amazement of a 7 year old girl who is also in her class. Mya smiles immediately upon seeing this girl and latches on to her for the majority of the class. Halfway through the session, parents are invited to sit through a class. On the drive to class I had a talk with Mya. “Maybe you should give your friend a little space in class tonight, maybe don’t sit so close to her, let her have her space,” I said. “Ok mommy,” she responded but upon our arrival she ran to this girl and grabbed her hand in a tight grasp. As I was putting Mya’s jacket into her bag I overheard this girl talking to another girl, “that’s Mya, she loves me, it’s so annoying, let’s hide from her.” My heart broke. It took all I had not to scream at her, “do you know how lucky you are to have Mya’s adoration, she is amazing and wonderful and you don’t even know.” But I fought to stay quiet and maneuvered my way to watch the class. I cringed in class watching Mya sit next to this girl. But as class progressed I watched Mya shine. She danced. She sang. She was confident and it shone from within her. I also bitterly watched this girl, who earlier had been so annoyed, smile at Mya, almost appearing jealous as Mya leapt across the floor. When class was over I held my Mya tight, told her how proud I was of her. And her 7 year old “friend” raced over to Mya to make sure she’d said goodbye. In complete coolness, Mya brushed her off, maybe she’d sensed the adoration wasn’t mutual. On the way to the car Mya grabbed my hand, “mommy,” she said, “I definitely didn’t give that girl any space like you said but it’s ok, who needs that anyways.” She is so wise within her 4 year old self. She wears leopard tights to the grocery store and makes bracelets out of rubber bands. I pray this confidence never gets smothered, I will do my best to make sure that never happens, while always remembering, Mya has it covered. Her confidence is breathing in her bones, who wouldn’t want a friend like that.



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One Response to A Mya Rule

  1. Lydia says:

    she is truly amazing!!

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