This time of year

We are in the midst of holiday craziness as I’m sure most are this time of year. Doctors and therapists have been replaced by present wrapping and tree decorating, a trade I certainly enjoy. It’s times such as these when I am reminded of the fog we were living in last year. The nervousness, the anxiety for heart surgery, everything was boiling over inside of us, it was hard to enjoy the season. But I find hardship makes you appreciate the fullness of your simple life even more. This year we are fully engrossed in the holiday, celebrating how strong our family is. We are making gingerbread houses, decorating cookies, and playing Christmas music so loudly we can’t even hear our bad singing voices. I love Christmas not for presents and stockings but for saying yes when Mya wants holiday cupcakes at 10am, for watching Ellie gaze at twinkling lights, for driving around looking for decorations, for covering our kitchen walls with holiday cards from family and friends, and for celebrating the joy my family gives me. I am blessed, I am so blessed. And on a note, that isn’t necessarily about Christmas, but speaks to the notion of being blessed, Mya looked at Ellie today and told me how Ellie’s eyes look oval, way more oval shaped than her own. I waited, thinking of the perfect way to respond, when Mya said this, “I think Ellie’s eyes are amazing, the most beautiful eyes ever.” Agreed. How blessed am I.







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One Response to This time of year

  1. Lydia says:

    This post makes me smile really really big. What a beautiful family and your tree looks great!

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