Attention: A VERY random post

I realized today I failed to post regarding our random act of kindness for yesterday. As you know we are doing random acts of kindness all week to celebrate National Down Syndrome Awareness week in Canada. Yesterday we delivered bakery treats to the volunteers at the hospital. Mya was a little disappointed the treats weren’t for her, but once she experienced the joy of giving (and a lollipop I had in my purse) she began to really enjoy the whole thing. Today we dropped off flowers at a retirement center, this one may have been my favorite random act so far.

I also want to share two Halloween pictures which unfortunately aren’t very good. I broke out the good camera, bribed the girls with candy, and I am sharing the best pictures from the mini photo shoot. I took cute ones on my phone so the Halloween memory is not completely held upon these pictures, but I have to admit I sort of like these. They will remind me, many years from now, of a time when my children’s biggest worry was being forced to smile for the camera. And also that there is such a thing as too much excitement for one day. Disclaimer: I held and hugged and tickled both girls immediately after the below pictures were taken.



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