Random Acts of Kindness

We are doing random acts of kindness all week to celebration National Down Syndrome Awareness week here in Canada! We are trying to spread a little awareness and help others at the same time. I feel like having Ellie brightens our lives on a daily basis so we may as well brighten someone else’s day this week! Yesterday after school we stopped by the NICU and gave a package of diapers to the nurses to give to one of the moms. Mya hasn’t been back to the NICU since Ellie was born but she remembered it immediately. As we rang the buzzer for the nurses to let us in, Mya said, “remember when you used to live here Ellie.” She didn’t say it sadly, just matter of factly, as a part of Ellie’s life.

Today we left a case of water at a construction site for the workers. Each gift has a small card attached. We’ll be doing little acts all week! Hoping to make this an annual tradition!




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One Response to Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    I love this! Keep up the good work! ūüôā VB

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