My last post was a bit frantic, I admit. I was feeling overwhelmed, which we all have the right to feel. So today I’m counting on my very blessed fingers and toes, all the reasons I am so very lucky. I am lucky that my children are healthy. I am lucky that when I sit on the floor, even across the room from Ellie, she will crawl as fast as she can to climb into my lap, and she will laugh and hug me, and give me a piece of her warmth. I am lucky Mya dances 95% of the day and sings made up songs and delicately puts her baby dolls to bed, cuddled with blankets and kisses. I am lucky the sun was so bright today that we skipped school and drove North to where the air feels fresh. I’m lucky Mya would rather play outside than watch TV. I’m lucky my husband hugs all of his girls the moment he walks through the door. I’m lucky that I have realized Ellie’s extra chromosome will never mean she is missing anything, that extra is exactly that, something more. I’m lucky to watch sun burn off the morning fog, and above all else I am lucky for this life, for it’s busy days, it’s tired days, it’s plentiful days, and it’s love. A life filled with love is the luckiest life of all.






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