Group Physical Therapy

At our PT appointment on Wednesday Ellie was invited to join our therapist’s group class on Friday mornings. An invitation she earned because she is now crawling. They meet every Friday for an hour and there are all different kids who attend with a wide range of disabilities. I’ve been excited for this session since Wednesday. A place for Ellie to play and sing songs and laugh and learn, without other parents asking me questions regarding any delays. No moments where I feel singled out, where I feel I have to explain why Ellie isn’t exactly where developmental charts tell us she needs to be. Charts I have abandoned in my own mind, but reluctantly remember when pointed out. From the moment we entered our class, we both started smiling, and, honestly I’m still smiling. We sang songs. I saw adorable bright eyed kids working just as hard as Ellie works. Not to say typical kids don’t work hard, because I know they do, but it’s inspiring to see children who are defying their own genetic makeup and the parents who are cheering them on. Ellie worked on crawling up stairs and through tunnels and standing and singing songs. She laughed and she cried a little, as all babies do, when we made her work too hard. She even played in an adorable pink walker. Amidst the play and the work, it was also fun to see Ellie with other babies. One little boy even caught her eye, I would think she may have a little crush. So this is where we’ll be every Friday morning. Ellie was completely exhausted on the way to pick up Mya at school. I can imagine, an hour of playing and flirting can do that to a girl!



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