Mobility milestones are big, and for my girls they feel infinitely huge. I know such milestones are huge for any parent, and many parents are battling more in this subsection than we can even imagine, but for a little girl born with a club foot and another with Down Syndrome, mobility milestones are huge. Mya lived in a cast for nearly two years of her life and I feared it would hold her back. 5 days after her second foot surgery as I watched her walk across her room with a full leg cast, bent at the knee, I realized nothing could hold her back. Ellie has been on the verge of crawling for several months now. And on Sunday, when the whole family was thankfully together, we all watched her put together four crawls. We cheered and screamed, and I would have filmed the moment had I not been overcome with the need to cry happy tears. These girls, fighting for what they want when they are so young. I’m amazed at their strength and determination, bravery existing within their bones. Ellie is still working on her crawling, she clearly knows how, but her muscles aren’t quite ready. She appears uneasy as she moves, a little wobbly as she goes, sometimes slipping on her knees or bumping her face on the floor. But strength can be gained quickly with determination as strong as Ellie’s. With the addition of these movements comes her mischievousness, fuelled by her curiosity. She is in baskets and drawers, under beds and chairs. The other day it took Ellie nearly 15 minutes to make it across the room to a Kleenex box, upon arrival she basked in her own pride before taking out every Kleenex and throwing them in the air. My compulsive need to clean almost stopped her till I heard her laugh, I suppose picking up Kleenex isn’t so bad, a journey across the room as tough as that deserves a reward.




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