6 months post op

I can’t believe that it’s been 6 months since Ellie’s heart surgery. 6 months of a healthy baby. 6 months of eating and growing and breathing with ease. 6 months of not worrying. 6 months where every day heart surgery fades further into the distance. We had our 6 month post op echo today. As usual, I felt butterflies in my stomach on the way to the appointment. I checked in with reception seeing the look on the receptionist’s face as she glanced at Ellie’s history. Ellie was weighed and measured, an EKG, and an echo. I watched our cardiologist as she moved her cursor along Ellie’s chest, looking for signs of approval. “How does it look?” I nervously asked when she finished. She looked at the computer and smiled at Ellie, “It doesn’t get more perfect than this.” In that moment I felt so proud. Proud of the doctors for knowing when to operate. Proud of the surgeon for delicately fixing Ellie’s heart. Proud of the nurses for aiding in her recovery. Proud that our prayers were answered. And above all, proud of Ellie for proving that a fighter exists at any age and that although her diagnosis uses the word limited a lot, clearly this girl knows no limits. We are 6 months post op. We have climbed the mountain and can only go up from here.




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One Response to 6 months post op

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    Bravo, Ellie! Now- to the stars! :)!VB

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