A few favorite things

1) My Beaba! It is the most wonderful cooker and maker of baby food! Ellie is still working on her refusal to eat textures so she’s been on a puréed diet for quite some time now. This wonderful device steams her food and then I can purée it all in the same container. I can get creative and make so many fun dishes for her, and although she doesn’t like textures (except for Mum-mum’s, another favorite thing), she’ll try just about anything I purée for her. I feel like a baby food chef these days! Her recent favorite: sweet potatoes with carrots and goat cheese!
2) Mya’s Smartknit AFO socks. They are seamless and sweat proof and she wears one every night under her brace. Before these socks she would get heat rashes and lines indented in her foot from socks. Finding long socks was also impossible so I had to cut one sock and then use two, making her foot even hotter. Once we got these socks all problems disappeared. They are long enough to fit under her brace and even better, they’re pink!
3) Our Stokke highchair. I researched highchairs for a while with Ellie and the Stokke remained at the top of the list. This chair will grow with her and it’s table height so she sits right at the table with us. The upright angle of the chair also helped with her head control. A few days after purchasing the chair, and feeling a bit of guilt as it was expensive for a highchair, our physical and occupational therapists arrived and solidified all my reasoning. They adore the chair and it was even recommended she sit in it throughout the day for strength training. And an added bonus, it looks so good in our living room.
4) The fact that Ellie still falls asleep on my shoulder every so often. The other day when returning from a walk, I lifted a sleepy Ellie from her stroller. She smiled and gently rested her tired head on my shoulder falling asleep immediately. I contemplated moving her to her crib, but decided instead to sit on the couch and enjoy this moment. Some day my shoulder may not feel so comfy when she’s older and busy running around, so I relished in the moment, and it made my day.



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