Happy Birthday

Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday. When we were young and new in love I use to write him poems on napkins and lined paper for birthdays and occasional Sundays, but as time becomes fleeting, those poems sadly seem like memories of the days when sleep wasn’t so precious, so in that spirit a poem for his birthday.
Happy birthday to a wonderful man
Who spends his time and his days to do all he can
To bring smiles to our faces
To cheer on little girls’ races
To take out splinters and give boo boos a kiss
To make sure those special times he will never miss
To play with Barbies instead of cars
To give hugs over the phone if he’s ever so far.
To catch girls flying through the air
To make every hug and hold embedded with care.
Today we try to give you all we have as the sky goes from light to black,
To thank you so much for loving this family to the moon and back.



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