This Cup is Awesome

I chose the title for this post because it really speaks to how I’m feeling. No seriously this honey bear cup is awesome! And so is Ellie, but we already know that. We have been working on the honey bear cup from Talk Tools 3 times a day for a week. Using thickened formula for some sessions and water for others. At first she was a bit shocked by my helping her drink from the cup but quickly became use to drinking it with my assistance. Then within a couple of days she was drinking from the cup on her own with me holding it. Then today she grabbed the cup from my hands and drank a little all by herself. We are not ready to completely abandon the bottle just yet, but I am impressed with this cup and as always, Ellie’s determination. There are several things I’m excited about with regards to this cup but most importantly is a sense of independence for Ellie. Even though Ellie isn’t even a year old, and this cup may just be a cup, it signifies to me that Ellie will be able to achieve things on her own. Your perception of Down Syndrome before you know someone with it, your insight from books and movies, and your realization once your life is directly impacted from the diagnosis, are all different stages. Those first few weeks of Ellie’s diagnosis, I heard the words “can’t” and “won’t” a lot. But as the months have flown by and I am learning what she’s capable of, those words have transformed to “can” and “will.” I want so many things for my children, and the power of being able to accomplish things on their own is a confidence I want them to have. It’s just a cup, but it’s pretty awesome for Ellie to know she’s thirsty and be able to do something about it, all by herself.




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2 Responses to This Cup is Awesome

  1. Lydia says:

    go ellie!

  2. Vicki Bartholow says:

    Getting to be such a big girl! How wonderful, and Importend that she will conquer many obstacles and achieve whatever she sets her mind to. I love these pictures and will show them to Peter, who also thinks that she adorable. Keep these milestones and pictures coming. Xoxo

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