Rain, tears, and sunsets

Today, in it’s rainy humidness, was pulling me forcefully into it’s gloom. I found myself getting frustrated with a 4 year old who sometimes acts like a 13 year old and with dishes piling up in the sink. Green beans crusted on the highchair that no amount of scrubbing will remove. Table cloths hanging outside to dry when a rain storm suddenly appears. And when bedtime hits, when kids are tired, and the clock is ticking, Mya races up the stairs and bruises her shin. Hysterically crying mostly because she’s tired, Travis carries her onto our bed. We cuddle Mya as her tears slow down and Ellie sits next to Mya and begins to laugh. Maybe she knows her sister is sad, maybe she loves us all being together, maybe she knows sometimes simple days can be frustrating, but we all begin to laugh. Soon the day starts to look wonderful, my husband is holding his Mya, my 10 month old is cheering us up. The dishes are in the sink, and I don’t care. My heart is tangible within the beings on this bed and it’s an amazing thing to look at. As the day comes to a close, Ellie falls asleep in her crib without being rocked or coerced, I peek in on Mya who is quietly reading a book before bed, her nightlight displaying the sweetest 4 year old giving words to pictures in her favorite book, the rain has stopped and the sun is painting orange and gold ribbons across the sky. I’ll let those dishes sit just a little bit longer, for now I’ll focus on the power of love to inspire and the sounds of laughter to reinvent the day.


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2 Responses to Rain, tears, and sunsets

  1. Lydia says:

    beautiful catherine. that smile just made my day

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