Straw Boot Camp!

It’s happening! We received a special delivery today, brought from my dad on his recent trip to the United States, our Honey Bear Straw Cup from Talk Tools. Ellie barely tolerates her bottle, let along a sippy cup, so getting her to drink fluids is proving to be a bit of a challenge, especially since she loves puréed food so much. My goal with Mya was to have her completely done with a bottle by a year of age and we accomplished this goal at 11 months. A little late I admit, but we are starting our off bottle boot camp tomorrow. This very special cup has been recommended on many sites and I feel, judging by its 4 paged manual (front and back), it means business! There are so many things this straw will help Ellie with including her oral skills. Anything that can work those mouth muscles will help her as she formulates words. The cup looks like a glorified honey bear container, but the benefit of the straw and how I can help her by squeezing the bottle is ideal. Wish us luck, I’m reading up and doing my homework tonight! We will keep her bottle in rotation till she perfects the straw but I have high hopes for the magic of this special cup, well to be honest, Ellie’s the one with the magic, the cup is more like pixie dust, it will help her fly but she’s the one with the wings.



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