City Living

This week we are taking care of my dad’s dogs in the city and having a mini vacation in the process. Last time we spent more than a day in the city was when we were here for Ellie’s heart surgery. Traffic and the magnetic pull of the lake has kept us from venturing downtown. So this week we are visiting all our favorite places as well as good friends. Negotiating the city with a stroller can be difficult, and adding a four year old who can run for hours at a park yet get tired walking less than a block seemed daunting, but both girls are loving the change in scenery. Mya adores the city, the buildings and people have the power to make her speechless, which is rare, and it seems Ellie loves people watching just as much. I have always loved Toronto. Each block can show you something and someone completely different. Walking down the streets I hear a chorus of different languages and nuances. There is a park on every corner and the smells of amazing food permeate the air. It will be nice to be home on Saturday but I think next time we won’t wait so long to journey an hour South to a place that almost feels like a different world.





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