10 Things about Ellie!

Ellie turned 10 months old last week so here are 10 things Ellie’s up to these days!
1. Ellie is sitting up unassisted, well, sort of. She’s a bit unpredictable in the sitting up stance. She mostly lingers in a tri-pod mode and can get there by herself. But then either gets too excited with herself and falls over laughing or moves into a split position because she’s so flexible. I wouldn’t leave her sitting alone on a tile floor, but she can sit for a bit of time by herself. Strong girl!
2. Ellie is pretty over the bottle and prefers puréed food. Textures she does not like as much because she has a really weak gag reflux, something we are working on with practice. Her favorite foods: yogurt, bananas, and puréed corn!
3. Ellie has no teeth. It is not uncommon for babies with Down Syndrome to get teeth closer to a year of age and in a different order than typical kids. I adore her gummy smile so we can wait on teeth!
4. Ellie is rocking back and forth on all fours and a half stand rock in the picture below. Her legs are so strong and her determination is inspiring. The baby gates are still collecting dust in the garage, so again, we can wait for crawling.
5. Ellie loves to stand. When Travis and I hold her up to stand she plants her feet against the floor and laughs and laughs, refusing to let us put her down.
6. Ellie continues to have an insatiable dedication to adoring her big sister. She could stare at Mya all day and saves her biggest smiles for when Mya holds her or cuddles with her.
7. Ellie babbles and laughs. She has different sounds for different needs. She says consonants and vowels and grunts, a whole subsection on it’s own.
8. Ellie is only on 2 medications right now. An acid reflux tab and her daily thyroid medication. She’ll be on thyroid medication for life, but we are hoping to get rid of her acid reflux meds by a year of age.
9. Ellie adores the water. Baths are a bit tricky as she can’t sit on her own in the tub and is getting too big (and strong) for her newborn tub (any suggestions would be greatly appreciated). Once in the water she will kick and splash and laugh!
10. Since the day I met her, Ellie has been strong and kind and full of a light that warms me in her presence. If possible all these traits have continued to grow as she has. She is stronger and sweeter and more amazing every day!




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4 Responses to 10 Things about Ellie!

  1. Lydia says:

    She is so amazing and so is her mommy. Xoxo

  2. Vicki Bartholow says:

    Oh, my – what a precious baby girl Ellie is. It always makes me smile to see her latest pictures. She is full of joy and seems to bring joy to all,around her. Many thanks for sharing her pictures and her progress. My day is off to a great start just thinking of her. 🙂 VB

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