Happy Birthday

Mya turned 4 years old today. Doesn’t everyone say that time flies by too fast, that they can’t believe their children are so grown up, that they wish time could just stand still. I feel
all those things. I even had a moment today at 12:11 PM and remembered when I first held Mya and immediately felt my life was given purpose. Mya is 4. She is sleeping in a big girl bed. She is getting herself dressed. She is telling me jokes and laughing with me at the kitchen table like an old friend. I held her before bed last night and told her maybe it would be a good idea not to turn 4 tomorrow, to maybe stay 3 forever so we could always hug like this. She smiled and promised she’d still hug me like this forever. Although I know there may be days when a teenage Mya thinks hugs are a waste of time, I will remember that promise and hold it to my heart. Mya changed my world 4 years ago today. She is sweet and funny and smart and brave. Happy birthday Mya Grace, I will never forget the day you entered our lives. Your purpose, I know, is bigger than mine and amazing beyond words.


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