Ellie and Mya are my strength role models, they teach me to never complain and that perseverance can battle any obstacle. When Mya was nearly 18 months old, she had surgery on her club foot and was put in a full leg cast. As she woke up from surgery, I saw the look of anguish in her eyes as she tried to move her leg within it’s cast. I remember sitting on the floor of our house at the time crying as Mya learned she couldn’t walk with the cast on her leg. She tried and fell, tried and fell, for hours, and I held her and I cried. A few days later, my brave little girl learned to walk with her full leg cast, which was bent at the knee. She hobbled all throughout our house, up and down stairs, along hallways and outside. I was amazed, she laughed at her obstacles, secretly never doubting she’d overpower them. And my belief in willpower was tested again with Ellie. Ellie is currently less than 6 months post heart surgery, struggling with gaining strength and low muscle tone, yet she tries and tries again to fight these bullies. I watch her as she calculates her movements, never getting frustrated with a body that doesn’t always match her drive. Today, as Ellie was laying on the floor playing with toys I watched her maneuver from a laying down position to sitting up, all on her own. She wavered in this position, catching her balance, then straightened her shoulders with the sweetest sense of pride. Her loose muscles didn’t keep her upright for long, but she had accomplished a goal, all on her own, without my assistance. The strength and drive to fight must be an innate trait, because I don’t believe I could have taught my girls to exhibit so much determination in the short amount of time I’ve known them. They are truly my super heroes, if only I could bottle up this power, it’d be worth more than gold I have no doubt. Below is a not so in focus pic of Ellie exhibiting such strength and I love it.


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