An Ellie and Mya Rule

That we should be constantly learning to love ourselves. As most parents, I work really hard on the words I say to my children. To make sure they know they are beautiful and smart. To let them know when they are brave and to praise them when they do something amazing. A fear Travis and I both had when Ellie was born was that someone would be cruel to her for things she cannot change, would say something to make her doubt her worth. And when that thought arose I reminded myself that Mya is not immune to ridicule either. When kids are searching for identities and battling with insecurities, they pick on those within eyesight. So I have always felt a huge job for me is to make sure our kids are confident enough not to let someone else make them crumble. So today I let Ellie have a moment in the mirror to witness her amazing smile, and I think she liked what she saw. Goal for the rest of my life: to tell my kids they are beautiful and amazing and smart and make them believe it every day.


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