Annual Checkups

Today we sleepily made our ways to the car to head to Toronto at 6:45am. Mya’s annual club foot checkup. I believe Mya was a little excited about this appointment, a doctor’s visit just for her. And Ellie may have been excited too, no picking and prodding for her. We met with Mya’s doctor who stretched and examined her foot, she walked across the hall while they watched her foot placement. She was given a good report, acknowledgment that her flexion and movement was ideal. Her foot remains fixed. But with every appointment we’ve ever had with club foot there is always a but. Her foot looks great but club foot can always come back, the thought of future castings must never go away. So we continue stretching and practicing. Having Mya walk around our house like a duck with her feet pointed to the ceiling, moving like a bear on all fours with her feet flat on the ground. Backwards exercises down stairs and her brace at night. After our clinic appointment we journeyed to the basement of the hospital to the orthotics clinic, a place with wonderful people but disheartening circumstances. Children are always crying in this wing as braces and casts are moulded to the parts of their bodies that need a little help. I know from when Mya got her brace and they made a cast for its construction they had to get her foot stretched to it’s optimal position and although she didn’t cry I know it hurt. Our room was filled with helmets, back braces, and casting material. Luckily her brace still fits so they put on new straps and we were sent on our way. We walked the halls of Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, a place where both my children receive regular treatment, and blended in with the hustle and bustle of the best children’s hospital in Canada. I met a family in the waiting room with a 3 month old baby girl who was getting fitted for a brace after her Achilles’ tendon surgery. She had a unilateral club foot just like Mya and they looked at Mya,carefully watching every step she made, with hope and happiness in their eyes. It made me smile a bit too, that although the “but” still hangs in back of my mind, we have made it to a good place. We are the envy of parents still in the thick of castings and surgery, giving them hope and comfort. Not a bad place to be at all.


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One Response to Annual Checkups

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    Congratulate Mya for me. She makes me laugh, just to see her always smiling, happy, beautiful place. What a precious child. I am so happy that she is doing so well but never doubted that she would. Good job to Mom, also. Xo

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