Hey blog, it’s been a while

Goodness we have been busy enjoying summer, which is the best kind of busy. Things are slowing down and I am going to stop neglecting my blog. The more you write the better your writing skills become so I am back on my blog commitment, everyone needs a vacation right? Mya and Ellie are growing up so fast it’s hard for me to believe that time isn’t moving in fast forward. I use to get a weekly email newsletter from a site congratulating me on another week of Ellie’s numbered advancement. It’s a general email they send out to all babies her age that tells you a bit about what they should be up to, what they’re working on. In the beginning, Ellie fit right along with the path, but then I noticed with each email I felt a little more like she was behind, like I’m not doing all I can to help her reach these milestones that other kids are soaring past. Enclosed in the newsletters are pictures of babies Ellie’s age sitting all by themselves and eating blueberries with their hands, waving hello and goodbye. I will always treat Ellie as any other child, trying never to utter the words, well she has Down syndrome so she fits on a different chart. She will always be included with every other child. She is way too strong to accept any excuses. So I ended these weekly emails, not because I think Ellie is behind, but because a long time ago I decided not to live life based on developmental charts. I don’t want to let an envelope in my inbox make me think she’s behind or struggling because she’s not. She is amazing and strong and although right now she cannot sit alone, she will, in her own time. And although she is not waving hello or goodbye, she did give me the most heartfelt hug today, arms wrapped around my neck, and I could almost feel her whole body smiling. My sweet Ellie has also abandoned the traditional method of crawling for a more push-up/downward dog approach as seen in this picture. She will reach the steps and stages she’s supposed to reach without all those rigid timelines, and I’m learning that is all part of what she’s trying to show me.


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