A Mya Rule

That little girls are tough as nails! Mya’s favorite color is pink. Her doll, who wears a pink flowered dress, is named “Flowery” and goes with her almost everywhere. She has told me on several occasions that she could wear party dresses all day every day. But this little girl is tough as nails. On Saturday we visited some local caves and I watched in amazement as Mya climbed over slippery rocks and into tiny crevices. She bounded through trails and down narrow passageways. Caves, that exist in stories as homes to witches and dragons, were fantasy lands for her, darkness only adding mystery to her adventures. On Sunday we attended a friend’s birthday party that included a tutorial on various animals including a python, salamander, scorpion, and a relative of the kimono dragon. Each child was then invited to pet and hold the animals. Mya could barely contain her excitement, the only child who showed no fear while sitting next to the scorpion. I, on the other hand, was cowering in my chair wishing I could crawl into the kitchen without anyone noticing. She is the perfect mix of a little girl who can throw a lavish tea party, yet beat a boy to the top of a mountain. What feels like many years ago, I watched Mya undergo countless casts on her club foot and feared what this torture would do to her. My guess is her strength was already lying within her bones, that those moments only made her stronger. There is no doubt she is a girl who can conquer any mountain. A wonderful end to this weekend of bravery, a kiss on the cheek from a horse, an animal she’s only seen in story books. I can almost picture Mya scaling mountains in her future with a smile on her face and a pink helmet ofcourse.



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