A Mya Rule

That sometimes in moments of chaos we all need a little organization. Things can get a little crazy around here. Today Mya was running around on a warm summer day in her green velvet Christmas dress discussing the fabulousness of going to parties. Ellie had green beans and rice cereal covering her entire face while our dog licked the rest from the floor. It was 2pm and I just remembered I had forgotten to brush my teeth. Water was boiling over on the stove and the sink was filled with baby bottles. I love to relish in the days that go smoothly, where Mya remembers to go potty before putting on her bathing suit, but I also can’t stop smiling on days such as these where we laugh amongst the chaos. Thankfully in this moment Mya attempted to help by utilizing our new label maker.


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One Response to A Mya Rule

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    Hilarious! I so remember those days- way too fleeting but such precious memories. 🙂 VB

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