Never Alone

There is a great and wonderful initiative going on that Lettercase is sponsoring called “The Never Alone Campaign.” Recent medical advancements have allowed for non invasive genetic testing for Down Syndrome to occur much earlier in pregnancy. More than ever, it is important for parents to receive all information pertaining to Down Syndrome when given a diagnosis, so they know they are Never Alone. A pregnant mother receiving the news that her child has Down Syndrome can be scary and isolating. As a community we need to let these people know that support exists. I am extremely lucky that upon Ellie’s birth diagnosis Travis and I were joined by a team of specialists just hours after her birth who explained Down Syndrome to us and let us know they were fighting for the success of our little girl. It felt like a warm hug on a confusing and difficult day. The following week I received emails and phone calls from our local Down Syndrome Association and I began to feel like part of a team. Appointments were made for us, we were assigned a doctor who specializes in Down Syndrome, and the road began for Ellie to reach her full amazing potential. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Many times parents are left to find resources themselves and may not even know where to turn. My heart breaks for the mothers who learn on their cell phone while at the grocery store that their unborn child has something they know nothing about. Motherhood is wonderful and amazing and many other things, but it can also be difficult and unknown, adding something else to that equation can cause heart wrenching results. Please go to Lettercase’s website and share a story or read their stories:
I am blessed to have Ellie in my life and Ellie is blessed to have so many people fighting for her who already see the amazing successes she will achieve.


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