Worry Dolls

Part of the goal for this blog is to remember every important and unimportant thing about my life right now, because truthfully even the minuscule is meaningful. This tiny post is serving that purpose. Probably the sweetest moment I’ve had as a mom, and there have been many sweet moments, is a present I found from Mya tonight as I was going to bed. Today while riffling through boxes I hadn’t seen in years I found my old worry dolls, tiny colourful dolls who are said to take on all of our worries for us. A token from a trip to Central America. Folklore says that if you tell the doll your worries and put it under your pillow it will take your burden and help you overcome your worries. Mya placed her little doll under her pillow tonight whispering a worry I can imagine dealt with not getting cupcakes today. Then, hours later as I am unfolding sheets, I found a special little surprise for me. Mya had secretly left me a worry doll under my pillow, then I see, heart nearly full, she had left one for Travis too. I am a lucky mother beyond words. I wish I could tell my worry doll something heart wrenching for it to take on, but at this moment I am filled with happiness. So I whisper in it’s ear, may Mya remain as sweet and wonderful as she is at this very moment. Truth be told, this isn’t a worry, I already know it will forever be true.


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