The family that swings together stays together

I have a summer resolution, much like the New Year, I have decided that summer this year signifies a wonderful family, a healthy Ellie, long days, and laughter. So to jump on the promise of all these exciting things I am tackling a summer’s resolution. Which is to be ready for play. I play with my girls, believe me, I have spent many an afternoon parked on Mya’s floor dressing Barbie dolls and thinking of creative names, but there have been many moments where the thoughts of dishes in the sink and the dust bunnies in the entryway have interfered with my play. Where Barbie only received a generic name with little imagination from me. So this summer I’m okay with those dust bunnies, I’ll get to them. Mya and Ellie deserve my presence in their world of make believe. There will come a time when Mya tells me she wants those dolls packed away and needs to be driven to a friend’s house, and at that time I can vacuum all I want. But I suspect that when that day arrives, visions of making unicorns out of Kleenex will fog my intensity for cleaning, and I’m okay with that. Missing these beautiful days, however, is something I am not okay with.



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