Happy Canada Day!

For our wonderfully long weekend we are spending nearly a week at my dad’s place by the lake. It has been filled with cupcakes decorated in red and white icing, mornings where getting dressed only involves a bathing suit, and with Mya giggling as she chases my dad’s two dogs, a chorus of puppy paws and marching feet along the wood floors. Mya learned to fly a kite, danced with cousins she hasn’t seen since last summer, and when a storm forced us inside, we watched the lightening dance across the lake while piecing together puzzles with ducks and sunflowers. Days like these are my absolute favorite, when piles of laundry can sit unnoticed and I go to sleep with visions of smiling girls replaying in my head. Although I appreciate the meaning of days like Canada Day and the 4th of July, for me it always means long warm days where you never have to feel lazy for simply sitting on a blanket outside all afternoon. I hope everyone has an amazing week celebrating whichever day their citizenship dictates, I’m lucky enough to celebrate July 1st and the 4th! May your fireworks be lit up across a cloudless sky, sparkling till your eyes could burst, yet quiet enough to keep sleeping children calm in their beds!




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2 Responses to Happy Canada Day!

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    Such happy children- always a joy to see! Happy celebration days to,you all, too! 🙂 VB

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