A Meeting of the Therapists

Today we had a meeting of the therapists with Ellie’s physical, occupational, developmental, and speech therapists. Since we see them all once a month they felt it would be best to consolidate visitors, I agree. They all arrived at 9:30 with smiles and bags of toys for Ellie (and Mya) to play with. I feel everyone could benefit from this type of support. They smile at Ellie and ooh and ahh at her success. They give me tips for helping her reach certain milestones. For over an hour we sit on my floor and laugh with Ellie. We are working on getting Ellie to sit unassisted by sitting her up with a stool infront of her and a toy to play with. We are working on helping Ellie with her gag reflux as she has a hard time with textured food, this will get better, just time and practice. We are helping Ellie learn gestures and ways to express herself, mimicking what she does to suggest how conversations work. Ellie’s strength on her tummy is exceptional, especially considering she’s only had her perfect heart working efficiently for less than 4 months. If she weren’t so easy going I feel confident she’d be crawling right now. The sweet girl is just so content, she’s unfazed by toys that are out of her reach. Even though without a requisition from our doctor we would not know these women, I feel like they are my friends. I’m excited for their visits to show them how well Ellie is doing. They are watching her grow up and seem almost equally proud as they see her show off for them. It’s nice to have our own coaching and cheerleading squad. Surrounded by so much love, Ellie can continue to conquer anything.


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One Response to A Meeting of the Therapists

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    OMG! Such a happy girl. I am convinced that Ellie will conquer the world. What an amazing little girl. I look so forward to each and every report. Please keep them coming. Xo- VN

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