An Ellie Rule

That the world surrounding you can be crazy and hectic and sometimes scary but you don’t have to let it get to you. Whenever people see Ellie and she undoubtedly gives them her winning smile they comment on how she always seems so happy. I look at my little girl, and reply, she is. Ellie is always happy. Since the day Ellie was born she has been poked and prodded, woken from naps, driven to the hospital in the middle of the night, stuffed with medicine, and taken to appointment after appointment. And when she should be complaining she is smiling, when doctors are listening to her heart for the hundredth time she is playing with their stethoscope and giggling. When I woke her up at 4am for surgery she adjusted her eyes sweetly to the light in her room and looked into my eyes as if waking up to see me was worth it. I always say Ellie is the easiest baby, and it’s true, the circumstances which surround her can be difficult but Ellie is not. As I think of myself, complaining at the first sign of a cold, cursing traffic lights, and worrying about baby weight and grey hairs, I should take a cue from my easy going girl. You will get poked and prodded in life, but that only has to be your surroundings, it does not have to define your personality. A phrase I’ve always heard but never truly understood since Ellie, you don’t need to change your scenery, just your perspective.


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