Happy Father’s Day

I have a lot of special memories with my wonderful husband but for Fathers Day I want to tell my favorite Travis daddy moment. When Ellie was in the NICU it was the hardest 14 days of our lives. We felt peace within those hospital walls, holding Ellie in our arms, but as we left that room our hearts ached for her. Our family wasn’t complete when we were home. Travis and I shuffled through those days trying to convince Mya nothing was wrong and trying to tell ourselves this ache was only temporary. One evening Travis raced home from work, quickly changed, and drove to the hospital while I made dinner for Mya. He was gone for a little over an hour and then raced back home to kiss Mya goodnight and stay with her so I could return to the hospital for Ellie’s feeding. Later that night as I was laying in bed, counting the hours for the day to start again, I asked Travis about his visit. He said he arrived at the NICU and Ellie was sleeping, that she looked so calm in her bed, that he stayed and simply looked at her the whole time. He said he knew she needed to be awake for her next feeding and how important her sleep was for her to be well enough to come home so even though he wanted to, he resisted taking her from her bed and waking her. I couldn’t believe it, didn’t you want to hold her, I asked. But I saw in his eyes that just being near her was enough. The true meaning of a wonderful father, to think of your children over yourself, to sacrifice what you want for what is best for them, to look at them and feel love flow through your bones. I’d had enough tears that week so I kept them in my heart. How lucky I am to be married to a man who loves his daughter so much that he can race to the hospital right after work and stand near her bedside just to watch her as she sleeps. Just one story out of thousands. Happy Father’s Day to Travis! You are my teammate in this journey and I am ever so grateful to be head over heels in love with a man as amazing as you.

And happy Father’s Day to my wonderful dad too who we are so lucky to spend the day with!


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One Response to Happy Father’s Day

  1. Lydia McCutchen says:

    I know that kitchen! Love you all and yes Happy Father’s Day to Travis…a wonderful daddy!

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