I’ve had enough of these bugs!

We were back at the emergency room last night. Even the triage nurse commented on how long it’s been. Ellie awoke from her nap lethargic with a high fever yesterday afternoon. Some differences post heart surgery: I drove the speed limit to the hospital and walked in at a leisurely pace, also we were sent to a waiting room and not immediately to our own private quarters. I suppose this is a good thing although we were only in the waiting room for 10 minutes. The doctors all know Ellie and gave her a thorough check, she has caught a virus from her sister which I had suspected but wanted to be sure. I will strive throughout my life to always treat Ellie and Mya the same, but when it comes to medical scares, I think I will always be a little more nervous with Ellie. That scar on her chest, those tiny ears, a respiratory system that has to work a little harder. A high fever for Mya is different from and a high fever for Ellie who will always be flagged for being born with a congenital heart defect.
Looking at Ellie, it’s hard to believe there is anything medically to worry about in a little girl who is so completely perfect. She is, as always, the perfect patient, never complaining, rarely without a smile on her beautiful face. I have caught this horrible bug too so Mya and Travis are taking care of Ellie and I. I will admit Ellie is handling things much better than I am. Poor girl threw up right as we arrived at the ER and still gave the triage nurse a wonderful smile. Having someone in my life who can smile, even in the hard times makes me feel insanely lucky.

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