A Mya Rule

That a bike is not always just a bike.
I say it over and over again but I cannot believe how much Mya has grown up this year. Her ability to do things on her own, her independent personality, and her genuine love of the responsibility she has taken in being a big sister make me so proud to be her mother. Mya has one more week of her first year of preschool and I remember how hard it was for me to leave her at school on her first day. She did not cry or act scared on that first day, she confidently walked into her classroom and met new friends immediately. I, on the other hand, had a bit of a moment in the checkout line of the grocery store. We just bought Mya a tricycle which she loves. It is pink and purple and sparkles in the sun as it picks up speed. She learned quickly, although there were a few tense moments on our first ride to the park 5 blocks away. I’m not ashamed to admit we may have both been crying by the time we finally made it. As I walked next to her on her bike the other day, Ellie in her carrier, I watched Mya successfully start and stop her bike, check her speed, and acknowledge her surroundings. We approached a big downhill (well in the eyes of a parent it felt like Everest but could more adequately be described as a slight decline). I stood and watched her ride her tricycle down the hill, wanting to remind her to brake, wanting to run next to her to make sure she didn’t fall, but I stayed back and watched her, a task almost harder than dropping her off at preschool that first day. As she reached the bottom of the hill, she stopped and looked back at me, a proud smile on her beautiful face, and I saw a little hint of the pride that can come with our role of letting go. She is almost 4, so I’m not letting go anytime soon, but she is growing up and each year I’ll be learning how to watch her travel up and down hills hoping she’ll remember that we taught her how to use the brakes and to look both ways. I will continue to find confidence in her ability to respect what we teach her while watching the wind blow through her hair and the smiles stretch across her face.


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