Some of my favorite things

Listening to Mya playing in her room. She has the most amazing imagination and I love to sit and listen to the wonderful worlds she creates with her stuffed animals. I pray she never loses those moments when unicorns rescue dragons from seas of bubble bath.
This chair! The Fisher Price Sit Me Up floor seat was wonderful when Ellie couldn’t do tummy time for 6 weeks after surgery. It has a high enough back to give her support while still working those neck muscles. The only tricky part was getting her out without being able to lift her up under her arms!
That I actually had time to plant flowers in my yard this year! Okay my mom and Mya did most of the work but I am somehow remembering to water them, okay Mya reminds me to water them.
Ellie’s Eyes. They are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. They tell the world she has Down Syndrome while showing a compassion and soul well beyond her age. I feel that people who may not know about Down Syndrome will immediately see how beautiful it is just from looking into these eyes.
Lavender Oil! I’m learning a bit about oils and how they can help with immunity and ailments. Lavender is my favorite! I put a drop in baths for the girls and in our diffuser to make everything smell amazing.
The way Ellie desperately wants to crawl towards Mya. When Mya is near Ellie and they are both on the floor, Ellie’s face lights up like she’s within reach of the sun. She looks like a caterpillar trying to inch her way towards Mya. I’ve always thought Mya was the best physical therapist for Ellie and seeing Ellie try so hard just to get closer to her is proof that love and adoration can be our biggest motivators.
Hugs from my girls! They vanish those days when I feel like I’m always behind.


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2 Responses to Some of my favorite things

  1. Lydia McCutchen says:

    I want to hug and squeeze this little body! She’s too cute.

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