Club foot story

I just finished Mya’s club foot story which is posted under the menu tab, it took me a bit to remember all those details, it feels like so long ago. We are moving along and in love with the recent weather we’ve been having. I am so impressed with Ellie’s strength, she is getting stronger and stronger every day. She turned 8 months old on the 29th.


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2 Responses to Club foot story

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    I so enjoy watching Ellie progress and grow stronger with each story. Ellie is so lucky to have you, Catherine for a mother and to have such a spunky little teacher in her big sister Maya. I always love seeing her fascination with Maya. And Maya seems fascinated I her, too. Such a happy story. Thank you for sharing Ellie’s progress with us all. I so,want to meet he some day. Xoxo – VB

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