One of my favorite blogs ( tells a wonderful story through beautiful pictures and words of a family with 3 children in which the middle child has Down Syndrome. She is the most beautiful and vibrant little girl who I love to watch, thinking of Ellie’s future and how her and Mya will grow together. Recently the blog discussed a wonderful quality about low muscle tone, how it allows for her daughter to sink within her arms in a perfect hold. The root of many of Ellie’s difficulties starts with low muscle tone. Her trouble feeding, her digestive system, her strength, all difficulties caused by her low muscle tone. It was the first thing I noticed when I held Ellie just after she was born, before I knew she had Down Syndrome. She seemed to sink in my arms as I held her, more than a typical newborn. Sometimes when I think of Ellie’s troubles, things that will always be more difficult for her, I curse that low muscle tone, but I had never thought of it’s benefits. Ellie may always be my baby. She will sink into me as I hold her, fixing herself perfectly within my arms. A perfect hug, where you feel like one person instead of two, is not a horrible thing. This morning I lifted Ellie from her crib and held her tight against my chest and it felt like the most natural fit. When I think of how quickly children grow up, how I can’t believe Mya is almost 4, wondering where these years have gone, the fact that sometimes Ellie still feels like a newborn doesn’t seem so bad. Ellie will grow up and ride bikes and go to school and sometimes chose outings with friends over dinner with mom and dad, but she may always fit perfectly within my arms, so I think I’ll start feeling blessed for how difficult things like low muscle tone can also be wonderful.

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