I walked into our pharmacy today and was shocked to discover the pharmacist knows my name. Not only my name, but my sweet Eloise’s, who has had more prescriptions in the past 7 months than I’ve had in my entire life, well maybe not entirely, but close. Since being born she has been prescribed: 3 antibiotics, countless bottles of Lasix for her heart, eye drops for an infection, morphine for pain after surgery, levothyroxine for her thyroid, an inhaler for her coughs, and now acid reflux medication. Aside from our relationship with her pharmacist she also received countless medications during hospital stays. I also know there are a lot of children who take even more medications on a regular basis. This has been a hard adjustment for me. I am a supporter of advanced medicine and have always trusted my doctors, but taking medicine is something I’ve steered myself away from. Pain killers make me feel sick, Advil hurts my stomach, antibiotics always seemed to cause me more issues than the ones they were trying to fix. My plan was always to have a natural child birth with my children and aside from the use of pitocin with Ellie, they were. The main reason being I didn’t want the medicine in control of my labor and me. Now our pharmacist knows our name. Medicine has been a huge component that has gotten us through these past 7 months. And when I raced Ellie to the emergency room, when her breathing was so fast she looked desperate for air, the Lasix almost immediately slowed her heart down and saved her life. I never imagined I’d be thanking a bottle of medicine but I was. So again, because she needs it, we are adding another bottle to our medicine cabinet. I recently learned that a side effect of heart surgery is acid reflux. I’m thankful the medicine is there because it will help her, but still a little thrown back with how much her little body has to deal with. Our new friend at the pharmacy agrees this most recent addition will help with eating and ease her pain, and I’m okay with her welcoming us as we approach the counter, she completely agrees that Ellie is absolutely adorable.

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