A Mya Rule

Redecorating begins at an early age. For a while now, after we get the girls to sleep and are putting the house back together, I have found simple redecorating ideas from Mya. Stickers of bunny rabbits and hearts on my favorite gold coloured loafers. Cushions hiding placemats and coasters in the living room. Stainless steel lids to saucepans underneath our sofa. A “family tree” on the walls of our hallway which doesn’t look like a tree or a family. Recently the plants have moved to various places throughout the house, where maybe they feel more comfortable at various times of the day. These little shifts feel like presents from Mya after she’s sleeping soundly in her bed. They make me smile at her sneakiness. I picture her laughing into her pillow, “You may have put me to bed but I’ve been working hard all day so you always remember this house is really mine.”


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