Mya Rule: That a day at preschool in the eyes of a three year old may be a bit skewed. The other day Mya told me she had the lead role in her school play as a princess who turns into a queen. As I am searching for princess costumes in our dress up bin, I decide I should probably fact check. Correction: Mya is an imaginative member of the chorus as the entire class sings Jump by Van Halen. Furthermore, Mya calls her French teacher Mrs Damn Lester when actually her name is Madame Lester. I’ve tried to correct her but she’s convinced I’m wrong. I adore our little chats on the ride home from school, the way she tells me about her friends and what she’s learned. I am always discovering new things through her wonderfully imaginative eyes.
Ellie Rule: That a morning smile from Ellie makes me feel like the luckiest mom in the world. I’ve said it many times that Ellie has a peace in her eyes that is magical. Every morning, way earlier than I’d like, I hear baby noises echoing through the monitor. Little sniffles, silly babbles, sucking thumbs. I roll over, as most parents do, 5 more minutes, please. As the sounds get louder I stumble into her room and open the blind. The look from my little girl once she sees me standing by her crib melts my sleepy heart. It is a glow in her eyes that shows a soul way older than she is and a smile so sincere it immediately wakes me from my drowsy grumpiness. I feel overcome with luck and joy to be starting the day with my amazing girls, all due to a simple morning look from Ellie.

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2 Responses to Rules

  1. Lydia McCutchen says:

    seeing jack’s smile in the morning when i go in his room makes my whole day!

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