Our friends are home

I’ve written in the past about our dear friend who was born with a mirror diagnosis to Ellie. Her surgery to repair her heart was almost exactly a month after ours, but somehow throughout their surgical experience our similar lives took a bit of a detour. They have experienced several complications that kept them in the hospital much longer than expected. Earlier this week they came home. A brave little girl who has worked so hard these past few weeks and has been through more than most adults will ever go through. I am so happy our friends are going to be okay, thanks to a strong and amazing mother who has taken the role of advocate and medical provider for her child with bravery and strength. Ellie and I got to see them today and let the babies trade knowing glances. I know Ellie’s sweet playmate will not remember everything she’s been through but for her parents these memories will take longer to heal than surgical scars. Strength is in us even if we didn’t think we’d ever need it.

“You never know how strong you are till being strong is your only choice,” Bob Marley.

I’ve said it before, and I am witnessing it again, it’s not just the people with Down Syndrome who are amazing, the parents who fight for them are equally inspiring.

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