In medical terms: slight leakage in the valves (present since surgery, common, not a concern), low resistance, good function.
In mommy terms: a deep sigh of relief.
Travis has taken so much time off work and could not make the echo today so Ellie, Mya, and I drove to Toronto with a bag full of diapers and bottles for Ellie and a bag full of toys and candy for Mya (I’m not ashamed to bribe in times such as these when I need both girls to be quiet and still for over an hour). The appointment started off great when the nurse called Ellie chubby, words I don’t hear too often describing Ellie. Things continued to go well and we discussed a more sporadic maintenance schedule. Our next visit is in July. July! We will be 4 months post op, the trees will be green, and maybe this time I won’t be so nervous.


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2 Responses to Echo

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    Catherine – She is soooo adorable and precious! You are doing such an incredible job of caring for her. Ellie looks fabulous. No worries,and I want you to relax. Ellie she looks like the picture of health. Bravo for Ellie’s wonderful mother. Xo- VB

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