An Ellie and Mya Rule

There are signs all throughout your life, pointing you in the right direction. It’s been a busy six and a half years for Travis and I. When I think of our lives in a beautiful ski town right after we got married I almost don’t recognize us. I think of our life in Crested Butte and I miss our friends and family and our house at the base of one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, but I know we are where we need to be, and I know our journey here was not an accident. Sitting in the ultrasound room in Grand Junction, Colorado first hearing the words club foot I was naive to believe we could remain in our little ski town making weekly 5 hour trips to Denver, the commitment of parenthood was new to me, I still didn’t understand the things you do for your children. When we realized we could no longer make the commute and that the hospital in Denver couldn’t fix Mya’s foot, I was fortunate to remember my friend growing up in Texas, that her father is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in one of the best orthopedic hospitals in the world. How lucky he accepted Mya as his patient, that I had a good friend who could guide us in the right direction. When it came time to leave Texas we thought about where we should be, where we could settle with our family. I wanted to wait to have our second child till after we moved, till life felt more stable. Toronto, where my dad lives, seemed to make the most sense so we packed up once again and left the country we were raised in, excited for our new life but nervous and worried if leaving all we knew was the best decision. When Ellie was born less than an hour from one of the best pediatric hospitals in the world, with the best cardiac center in Canada, where people come from all over the world for heart surgery, I knew we had once again made the correct decision, well before we knew why. The services for children with Down Syndrome in our community are exceptional. We are surrounded by a team of doctors and therapists who genuinely care for our family. And if we weren’t completely sure, right before Ellie was born, Travis took a new job helping people with physical disabilities. Several days after her birth, he was introduced to a co-worker who has two daughters: one who was born with a club foot and one who was born with Down Syndrome. Two diagnoses that are in no way related. I suppose for the last 6 years I’ve felt very disorganized, very transient, but little did I know our plan was already set, and we had no idea.

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