An Ellie Rule

That you can gain weight on low fat food. Ellie has become proof that diet food does not guarantee weight loss. Due to a complication I’ve referenced before from surgery, Ellie is on a low fat diet. Further displaying things I never thought possible is putting a baby on a minimal fat diet. The holes in her thoracic ducts need time to heal and fat can seep through the holes preventing repair and putting fluid in her lungs. So if she is eating food with no fat, the fat does not make it’s way through the holes and into the space surrounding her lungs. The same people who make Enfamil have created a low fat formula (Portigen) which they charge triple the amount of their standard formula for and put in a very bland looking container and sell only in a few speciality shops. Upon leaving the hospital, I was given a list from the dietitian of approved foods for when we start solids: vegetables, fruits, rice cereal with less than .3 grams of fat per serving, and a few other low fat items. My 6 month old Ellie, who has struggled to gain weight on fortified traditional formula and breast milk is now essentially on a diet. But to further dissolve stereotypes, as people with disabilities do every day, Ellie is gaining weight, quickly. Her doctor has been shocked as she calculates her daily gain, over 3 pounds since surgery. Ellie is only on the low fat diet for 6 weeks from the date her drainage tubes were removed and I will gladly banish Portigen from our house and hopefully never utter that word again, but as usual I’m pretty impressed with my hungry girl. I’ve never agreed with diets anyways!

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One Response to An Ellie Rule

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    Love this! Ellie is a gold star girl! I think that she can overcome anything and maybe even conquer the world! And besides, she has a wonderful family, which is also why she is thriving. Keep up the outstanding work. ūüôā VB

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