Little things

It’s been 6 weeks post op and we have officially been given the okay to lift Ellie under her arms! Prior to surgery, I had been told an important follow up in her recovery would be not lifting Ellie from under her arms for 6 weeks to give her ribs a chance to heal. It sounded difficult so we practiced lifting her out of her car seat, scooping her like a newborn from bouncy chairs and swings. After surgery my hands shook as I lifted her slippery body from a bath. With time, it has now become second nature. Although it still took me over 10 minutes to scoop her from her favorite frog chair, with Mya staring at me with a puzzled glance asking why mommy was having such a hard time getting baby sister out of a silly chair. We had our follow up for her infection Wednesday, everything is healing nicely, and I confirmed with the doctors what I had read in her discharge notes, it’s been six weeks, lift away. To be honest, I still scoop most of the time, it still makes me a little nervous. But something about lifting her up in the air to stretch out and feel no pain, makes my brave little girl very content, and me too. We are getting there, happily.


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3 Responses to Little things

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    I love this picture! She looks fabulous. She is such a pretty baby, dimples and all. I am enjoying watching her rapid progress. You do, Ellie! Xoxo

  2. Vicki Bartholow says:

    Meant to type “you go, Ellie!”

  3. Melissa Bookhout says:

    Ellie looks amazing! So happy!!

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