Ellie Rule 5: That early mornings can be beautiful. I always felt so lucky that Mya loves to sleep in, and I am lucky, but my early riser Ellie has made getting up with the sun a special time that makes rolling out of bed not so hard. I drink my coffee and watch her, wide awake from a nighttime of sleep. We lay on the floor and watch the sun rise as everyone else still sleeps and the quiet of the house can only hear us.
Mya Rule 5: Laughing at yourself is an important skill. The other day as Mya was eating ice cream at IKEA, she ever so slightly flicked an entire spoonful of vanilla soft serve on her face. I watched her, quickly looking for a napkin, and I saw her make the decision to laugh instead of cry. A roaring laughter at her own mistake erupted in the middle of the food court. People at nearby tables couldn’t help but smile at a little girl uncontrollably giggling with ice cream covering her face.
Ellie Rule 6: That snoring is adorable. A husband snoring next to you when you are trying to sleep is unfortunately not adorable, although I’ve heard convincing arguments to the contrary. A 6 month old, though, snoring in her car seat in a quiet waiting room has become one of my favorite sounds. As I mentioned before, Ellie has an adorable button nose and beautiful eyes separated by a flattened ridge. This anatomy makes stuffy noses a bit more miserable and breathing for a baby who will only breath from her nose difficult at times. I ache for her horrible stuffy noses, another uphill battle that doesn’t seem fair, but that little snore lets me know she’s okay when she’s sleeping in her crib. It reminds me how adorable that little nose is and how sweetly she sleeps. On my list of top five favorite noises, which include Mya’s laugh and Travis’ funny voices when he plays make believe with the girls, is the sweet, and sometimes loud, melody of Ellie snoring.

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