Sick Kids for a quick visit

This morning we returned to the hospital for Sick Kids for an impromptu yet quick visit. It has been just over 5 weeks since surgery, I can’t believe it, and we continue to watch Ellie’s incision and demeanour closely till 8 weeks post op. I should not have posted that picture of Ellie, me bragging about the look of her incision, till we were fully in the clear. I noticed it beginning to look a little red earlier in the week and the redness has started to grow. As the obsessively worried parent that I am, I have the phone number for the cardiology department at Sick Kids on speed dial (side note I call them weekly with some sort of question, I picture them drawing straws as to who gets the pleasure of speaking with me). I spoke with them yesterday and they agreed an infection was most likely the culprit and we should come in for a visit first thing in the morning. While checking in I made sure everyone was aware that we were only there for a quick visit, no overnight bags! The surgeon quickly met us and inspected the wound: small infection, good we caught it early, antibiotics will clear things up in 7 days, see you next week for a follow up. A reminder at how good the staff are with children and how confident I am in their abilities. On the way to the car I couldn’t help but bring Ellie by the nurses on the cardiac inpatient ward so I could brag about the adorable rolls on her almost chubby legs and the smile that rarely leaves her face. Even though comparatively we did not spend much time at Sick Kids it feels more like returning to visit old friends than going to a hospital. This does not mean I didn’t leave quickly after our appointment with no desire to spend another night, but it’s nice to see Ellie smile in a hospital, that blue scrubs don’t look like monster costumes, and that the nurses still remember our little family.

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One Response to Sick Kids for a quick visit

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    Am so glad that Ellie is fine. Good job, Mom, in being so,vigilant and on top of everything. Ellie is a blessed child in so many ways, including having you for a mother. You are a fabulous mother, just like your mom! Keep me posted. I have not even met Ellie, but I love her already. Xoxo

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