This blog has helped me in so many ways to process what is going on in my life and to keep a living journal so I never forget what life has thrown at us and how we’ve handled it. Thank you all so much for reading my silly words and putting my family in your thoughts. As part of the goal of this blog is to remember, as I truly don’t want to forget anything about my life right now, I’m creating a running list of the Mya and Ellie rules. Travis and I know these amazing girls best but every day I’m still learning from them and about them. I’m still using this for updates and adventures but adding a special set of rules every so often for the girls. So here starts the first post of a small record of the things I’m learning: some silly, some serious, some funny, most that show me the power of innocence and the strength of the young, how they guide us to a better, less selfish, place.
Ellie Rule 1: Happiness is a choice. I’ve never seen someone smile at such difficult circumstances. If she can smile a day after heart surgery while hooked up to tubes and lines and wires, how can I ever let hardship take away my optimism.
Mya Rule 1: Leaving the house in orange Halloween pants and a pink shirt with ice cream cones on it does not mean she is not beautiful. Beauty lies in the confidence that if you feel like halloween can be celebrated in April, flaunt it!
Ellie Rule 2: Ellie loves to roll over on her tummy but doesn’t actually like to be on her tummy, the frustration of lying face first on the floor is so unbearable it makes it hard to roll back over, so help is enlisted from anyone within earshot.
Mya Rule 2: Boring situations don’t have to be boring. I’ve never seen someone who can make a trip to get your drivers licence renewed or a visit to the cardiologist such an adventure, a little girl who can sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” to a stranger in the doctor’s waiting room and have everyone clapping.
Ellie Rule 3: Success is not measured with comparisons, growth charts, and developmental timetables. It is different for everyone, measured in meaningful moments, whatever their order may be.
Mya Rule 3: That you should not yell at other drivers while in the car with your 3 year old because 3 year olds listen to everything and then repeat everything in places such as preschool, dinners with relatives, and to strangers in the beginning of long elevator rides.

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5 Responses to Rules

  1. Vicki Bartholow says:

    I so love reading these precious posts, Catherine. They are full,of wisdom, warmth, and humor. Thank you for sharing them. What precious girls you have. Please give them a hug and a kiss for me. Xoxo- Vicki

  2. Mare Charlesworth says:

    What an awesome idea and beautiful gift to not only your family but others as well. You are a strong woman I am honored to know. Mark my words on this date; I predict you and your family are going to make a change occur with everyone you come in contact with. Big things are coming your way just because of who you are. You are the change I want to see in my world.

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